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It is extremely important to take the LSAT before beginning law school, whether your law school requires it or not.

The LSAT tests your abilities at logical reasoning and reading comprehension, and it is usually given four times a year, around the first of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. For more information see the Law School Admissions Council website at

Prepare yourself for the LSAT with one of the books shown here, and put serious effort into it. But don't waste your time and money on one of those "LSAT Prep Courses". If you have poor logical reasoning and reading comprehension skills, those courses simply won't make you much better.

If your LSAT score places you -

Above the 90th percentile - DEFINITELY GO TO LAW SCHOOL. You should end up in the top 20% of the class and have about a 90% chance of passing the Bar Exam on the first try.

75th - 90th percentile - GO to law school but expect to work hard. You should end up in the top half of your class and have a 60%-70% chance of passing the Bar Exam on the first try.

60th-75th percentile - THINK TWICE. You will probably end up in the bottom half of the class and fail the Bar Exam at least once. There is a 50% chance you will never pass the Bar Exam at all.

Below the 60th percentile - FORGET LAW SCHOOL and save yourself a lot of money. Your chances of graduating and passing the Bar Exam are very low.

The LSAT prep books shown here are some of the most popular.

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Barron's LSAT

Barron's LSAT with CD-ROM

Kaplan LSAT

Kaplan LSAT Premier with CD-ROM