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eBook-How to Write Performance Tests for Bar Exams (Qe)

eBook-How to Write Performance Tests for Bar Exams (Qe)
eBook-How to Write Performance Tests for Bar Exams (Qe)
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(Revised 2014)

Only available as an eBook

A PDF EBOOK OF practical advice on how to write Performance Tests for Bar exams with a focus on the California General Bar Exam. More details...
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This is a "how-to" guide of practical information and advice on both the mechanics and substantive aspects of writing passing PT answers as tested by the California Bar Exam.

The electronic format allows you to read this eBook with free and readily obtainable Adobe Reader software, it can be loaded onto and read with almost all eBook readers, and you can quickly search for and find specific subjects of interest by entering "search terms".

When this product is purchased you MUST give a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS and enter a PASSWORD. You will be sent an email at that address with a link from which the product must be downloaded within 3 days after purchase. If you forget your password contact us for help.

WARNING: THE FILE IS PASSWORD PROTECTED AND CANNOT BE PRINTED, EDITED OR COPIED, but you CAN highlight the text add add "sticky notes" using Adobe Reader.

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