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eBook - 333 Multiple-Choice Questions for First-Year Law Students (MQ1e)

eBook - 333 Multiple-Choice Questions for First-Year Law Students (MQ1e)
eBook - 333 Multiple-Choice Questions for First-Year Law Students (MQ1e)
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(Revised 2014)


Also available in a PAPER version!

PDF eBook with 333 multiple-choice questions
, divided into 10 practice exams, for FIRST-YEAR LAW STUDENTS to help them prepare for exams on CONTRACTS, UCC (Articles 1 & 2, a.k.a. SALES), TORTS, and CRIMES as tested on the California First-Year Law Student Exam. 33 additional questions on CRIMINAL PROCEDURE law are included. More details...
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This is a PDF eBook version of Nailing the Bar's>"PAPER - 333 Multiple-Choice Questions for First-Year Law Students (MQ1)" [ISBN 978-1-936160-34-1]. The questions are divided into 10 practice exams to be done in one-hour each.

The electronic format allows you to read this eBook with free and readily obtainable Adobe Reader software, it can be loaded onto and read with almost all eBook readers, and you can quickly search for and find specific subjects of interest by entering "search terms".

Further, this book is HYPERLINKED to other eBooks from Nailing the Bar. That allows you to instantly leap back and forth to references in Nailing the Bar eBook outlines.

When this product is purchased you MUST give a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS and enter a PASSWORD. You will be sent an email at that address with a link from which the product must be downloaded within 3 days after purchase. If you forget your password contact us for help.

WARNING: THE FILE IS PASSWORD PROTECTED AND CANNOT BE PRINTED, EDITED OR COPIED, but you CAN highlight the text add add "sticky notes" using Adobe Reader. As you take each practice exam you can mark your answer choices and record your comments on the computer file itself using the Adobe Reader "highlight" and "sticky note" tools, or you can mark your answers on a paper answer sheet.

For your convenience, FREE scoring sheets are provided here in this category that can be downloaded and printed from this for self-testing purposes using this eBook.

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